Pics for Witch Song Trailer

Wednesday, December 1, 2010
I thought I'd share some of my favorite pics from my book trailer. Ones that, though I love, we won't be using.
Now you see her

Now you don't

Marcey has such beautiful hair.

Isn't my brother, Adam, hot?

The cape looks awesome in this one.

Beautiful light.

This one was second in line for the first pic in the trailer.

There's an awesome scene in the book where Senna runs through a corn field. Marcey was so brave, cause there was an enormous swather taking down the field of corn while we were shooting this. We told her to run through it and she replied, "Toward the enormous swather."

She was such a good sport.

And my all time favorite! That's my Papa in the background.


  1. These are the horse!
    And yes, your brother is hot!

  1. These are just lovely! I can't wait to call you today. :)

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