Review of Son Of Ereubus by JS Chancellor

Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Son of Ereubus by JS Chancellor

It's book review week. My publisher was kind enough to send me a ARC of Son of Ereubus (which will be given away during week four).

Here's what I liked: Garren was definitely not your cookie-cutter hero. He starts out as the villian. But his interactions with the heroine, Ariana, begin to change him. His struggles with this change are rich and complex. I also like some of the themes: redemption, forgiveness, and making amends to name a few. JS also has a talent for writing powerful romance scenes without the need for gratuitous sex. The relationship between the hero and heroine developed at a realistic pace--a refreshing change from so much fiction with "love at first sight" moments. I also liked how sassy Ariana was.
What I didn't like: I was confused in the beginning. A lot. It was hard to keep all the different names and places straight (definitely keep a thumb in the glossary). Some of the plot lines needed a bit more fleshing out, while others could have been trimmed. Some of the character's actions felt a bit forced.

All in all, I enjoyed the read. :)


  1. I am so behind on books right now. I've started this one but got sidetracked by a manuscript I'm kind of beta-reading. Ugh, lame me. I know Breanne deserves a review from me! I've enjoyed the book so far, though. The prose is lovely.

    I didn't get an ARC. Hmm. :)

  1. Michelle: Did you ask for one? Rhett posted on FB that he had a whole bunch of ARCs if anyone wanted to do a review.

    Get with the time, girl. With the times.

  1. No, obviously I missed that, and I have a copy anyway. I don't monitor facebook 24-7.

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