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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I just had the coolest idea for a book trailer.

Starts out with Senna’s downcast eyes. She gradually looks up as narrator says, “I am the last witch left.”

Flash to women screaming, being taken. “All the others have been taken by the Dark Witch.”

Flash to Senna looking over her shoulder as she runs through a corn field in the dark, hear her breathing hard and the slap of the corn leaves.

“And without the witches, (flash to scenes of raging seas sinking a ship) “Nature has turned to chaos.”

Quick succession of scenes: Joshen and Senna fleeing on horseback. Senna falling from a ship, Joshen reaching for her, “Senna! No!”

Switch to Senna rushing into Joshen’s arms. “Joshen, you promised!”

"I just couldn’t leave you! I just couldn’t."

Something like a bullet strikes her from behind. With a grunt, her back arches and her eyes go wide. “Oh, Senna! No!”

Back to Senna’s eyes. “If I can’t find and free them soon, there won’t be anything left to save.”

Flash to Witch Song by Amber Argyle, released Sept 1st. Book cover.

Wouldn't this be the coolest book trailer ever!?!

Now I just need a few thousand dollars to make it.

Anyone up for a donation?



  1. I am good friends with a cinematographer who does a lot of volunteer work...and he's very, very awesome. Still, he'd probably charge you something and you'd have to secure locations and models and costumes and...yeah. Money.

  1. Hello Amber,
    I'm a fellow Rhemalda author. Could you please send your email to me ( I've been trying to put together a Rhemalda Writers mailing list!

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