Paying for Writer's Conferences.

Friday, February 13, 2009
Not long ago, I blogged about the importance of attending writer's conferences. Not only for gaining knowledge, but the all important networking. Some of you asked a few questions, and I'd like to answer them.

1. So how do you know when conferences will be the most beneficial for you?

When you hit a brick wall in your writing. You've read the books and attended the critique groups. Still, your writing level seems to have surpassed the help you can get from those avenues. Then it's time to move to the next level (looking back, I've hit many places where I felt stuck. I didn't know what else to do to improve. In fact, I'm there now.)

2. How can you afford conferences?

Like many of you, I struggled with affording these conferences, which range in price from around 100 to over 500. If money isn't an issue for you, by all means, go. For me, it was a big deal.

Here's what I did: I picked conferences that were close, I used birthday money to pay for conferences, I called family and friends and asked to stay with them instead of paying for the hotel rooms, I split the hotel room and gas with other members of my writer's group I managed to talk into going, I drove home late instead of staying in the hotel, I held a garage sale and used the money to pay for the conferences, I started a second job selling lia sophia jewelry.

Even if you only attend one conference a year, this will be a great help to your writing career.

Another tip, there are free workshops. In my state, the League of Utah Writers holds them free for paying members (25 a year). There are no editors or agents at these events, but there are other writers to network with and learn from. Universities also hold these events for free.

BYU is holding one this week. If you're free tomorrow--GO! (I would love to, but my doctor has grounded my traveling for the next month). Say hi to David Wolvertin, Brandon Sanderson, and James Dasher for me.



  1. Amber, this is a fantastic post! Thank you! I am happy to know that it is doable to go to a conference when I feel the need to.

    I like how you've explained when it is beneficial to go to a writer's conference. I am not sure I have reached that point yet.

    Thank you!

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