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Saturday, January 3, 2009
I've been trying to get The Last Witch completely edited so I can turn it into my agent. Thing is, I'm easily obsessed with writing the new story. It's exciting, intense, and raw.

Kinda like making a baby versus raising one. It's still fun to raise them, but man, they are a lot of WORK.

Umm . . . sorry, but that's the analogy I came up with (probably because I'm really tired of being pregnant).

Each of my stories has been like raising a child. They say the first book is the hardest. And so far that's been true. I've learned a lot and been able to steer clear of some of the mistakes made in my early writing.

But unlike a baby who vocally insists on being fed every three hours, my finished story sits silent on the computer while the new story beckons. Urging me to give its characters a voice, to unearth their tale.

But I told my agent I'd have the MS to him in a month (trying to give myself a deadline--what the . . . um, heck, was I thinking).

Somebody kick me in the butt to get going, eh?

Anybody want to trade pages?



    Get going!

    I agree with you on the "child" metaphor. I think that's how I view both my novels. The second one has definitely been easier...

    Now, just to get a second child... a real child, not a novel. ;)

    Good luck with that editing! Let me know if I can help in any way.

  1. Owe! Thanks for the kick, but did it have to be so hard? *wimpers*

    Ya wanna swap the first chapters of a novel?

  1. Just barely read your comment. :)

    Sure, we can swap!

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