I'm done with my X-mas shopping!

Monday, December 15, 2008
I finished shopping today! Now I can leave the crazy traffic and hordes of people to their stores and just enjoy the rest of the season.

Next comes the planning and shopping for our Christmas feasts. For Christmas Eve, we make homemade corn dogs. It's a leftover tradition from my husband's family. At first, I thought it was weird, but our boys love it. Christmas morning is a breakfast quiche with sausage. Christmas dinner is ham, rolls, funeral potatoes (horrible name, but it's yummy), broccoli salad, and cheesecake.

Then all I have to do is wrap the presents and visit our families. And get over yet another cold. What is the deal this winter?


  1. Josi said...:

    Hey Amber--love that picture!! So cute. The best way to drive people to your blog is to post comments on theirs. Sometimes it will take a few times before they realize you're stopping by, but in time they will likely come to say hello, also the other commentors will see your name and come over in time. To find blogs you might like, find one or two, go to that person's profile and see what blogs they follow. Chances are you'll find some you really like. As you reas more you'll find ways to make yours interesting, see what catches peoples attention and things like that. Good luck!

  1. Rachelle said...:

    Amber, I got your comment on my blog. I'll try to answer on the blog in January... or you can email me privately.

  1. Amber, I am sure we are related. My last name is Argyle, too . . . and from my understanding, all the Argyle's around here (Rocky Mountain Area) are related somehow!

    I saw your comment on Nathan's blog. I'm the MA entry in the six finalists, so obviously, I'm a fellow writer. Hope I can get to know you better!

    Visit my blog if you'd like to correspond. Or send me an email. :)

    --Michelle Argyle


  1. Anonymous said...:

    yay for getting your shopping done today! Well done :-) I'm still struggling to get things finished off... bleh. Not long to go though!
    Your Christmas feast sounds yum. We're doing breakfast with the family this year. Croissants, ham, chocolate dipped strawberries, other yum stuff. I can't wait.

  1. Josi: Posting comments is just so darn time consuming, but I'll work harder.
    Rachelle: Thanks! I'll email you shortly.
    jchart: Chocolate strawberries! Ohhhh . . . .

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