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Friday, November 7, 2008
Okay, so back to the conference. Louisa Ahern did a class on publicity, and even if you're not published yet, you will be someday (we're thinking positive here, buster--don't make me reach through your computer screen to smack you upside the head).
Her first tip was that Press Releases don't work, because of shrinking newsrooms. Well, that could save us all a lot of wasted effort. Nothing more fun than shoveling the driveway in a blizzard, right?
The next tip was not to promote YOUR BOOK, but SOMETHING BIGGER.
What the heck does that mean!?
It means that you need a platform. If you write nonfiction, this is a nobrainer. Say you write a novel on rare warts, your platform can be awareness, prevention, and treatment. Walla! Done.
Nonfiction is harder, especially when you write YA fantasy, like me. But, dangit, you're creative! After all, you're a writer! So get thinking. My novel is about a young girl that finds out that she is more than she ever dreamed. There you go. Go around to schools and teach about self worth and looking inside yourself to see that you are MORE--More beautiful, inteligent, talented, etc, etc.
If that doesn't work, you could always promote literacy.
Try to find a local angle--anyplace you've lived, seasonal (romance writers hit your valentines days and mothers days hard).
Tie into the BIG news story right now. If you've written about about the separation between church and state, now would be a great time to advertise.
Strange and unusual always sells--Did you hear about the lady that gave birth to a 20 pound baby! If you've just written a book about obesity in pregnancy, you're gold.


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