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Monday, July 28, 2008
Our Roadmap
Within three interlinking circles (think Olympic rings minus one) are the words: Messenger, Message, and Marketplace. Pay attention to yourself, to your gifts, and to the marketplace so that your words will impact the heads and hearts of all who read your masterpiece.
She requested that we first Be present--stuff pulls at you, but live in the moment. When choosing between two things, do the thing that's important. Second, Ask questions. Third, Tell the truth--don't be afraid.
The most important quality of Great Writers is this: Self Management. Write even when you don't feel like it.
The Messenger:
Take your personal inventory. Ask yourself what motivates you to write, what is/are your strength(s), whatch out for your weakness' in your Messenger Personality.
What is important to you will reveal what type of Messenger you are.
  1. Theoretical: Data, information, knowledge, truth
  2. Utilitarian: Results, money
  3. Aesthetic: Creative, emotional, sensitive, artistic experience, experiential.
  4. Social: Change the world, 'others' focused, can't say no
  5. Individualistic: Quality, leadership, control yourself and others.
  6. Tradition: Strength of belief, systematic, militaristic, always right.

After you figure out what type of messenger you are, you can pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. IE--Theoretical struggle with data over all else. Utilitarians focus too much on money. Aesthetic are sensitive, emotional, and messy. Social can't say no and are often taken advantage of. Traditional always believe they're right. Individualistic are controlling. Etc.

Pinpointing your type of Messenger will also help you understand what motivates your writing. Do you write because you love creating, or do you need to fill our heads with information and truth, or do you need to prove you're right. Each one of these reasons will help you figure out your messenger.

The Message.

Salable ideas speak to basic needs. Clarify the book's idea by developing a crisp answer to the question: What is this book about?

Ie--This book shows______________(your target reader) that they__________ (take away value. For example. In the Priestess Prophecy, mine would look like this: This book shows YA girls that they are more. (more powerful, more beautiful, more courageous, etc)

The Marketplace:

Speaking, Media, Launch parties, Fans, Partnerships, articles, Tie Ins, book signings. Know your audience. If your targeting YA girls, don't sell your books in sporting goods stores, sell them in malls. If you're targeting middle age men, don't waste your time doing school tours.

And that my friends, is the final installment of the Cedar Fort Conference.



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