Cedar Fort Agrees to Publish The Priestess Prophecy

Friday, June 20, 2008
So with all the changes going on at Cedar Fort, I contacted them to see what would become of my MS. Kammi Rencher came on the phone and said not to worry. I would be working with their new editor, Jennifer Fielding. I wasn't quiet sure what she meant, as I hadn't been accepted yet. So my next question was what they thought of it, if they thought they might want to take it, or pass.
She then asked me if I'd received her email the day before. Apparently, she'd emailed me, telling me that they loved the Priestess Prophecy and wanted to publish it. Of course, my spam guard had to delete that. If I hadn't called her, who know how long it might have been before I found out.
Kammi Rencher said my MS was outstanding! A high compliment, coming from an editor. I've been telling everyone I know. Two and a half years of struggle: rewrites, critique groups, conferences, rejections, near acceptances (worse than flat out no's in my opinion), edits, networking . . . I could go on forever. But I finally made it. And I think The Priestess Prophecy is good enough for all of it.
Today, I'm all smiles.


  1. Congratulations, Amber! May this be the beginning of a long career.

  1. You know I am a fan. Congrats.

  1. Lael said...:

    Yay for you! I look forward to a good read.

  1. Thanks guys. I'm so excited.

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