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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Instead of working on my blog, I'll work on my daugher and my blog at the same time! It's a Mom/multitasking thing.

It pays to have a neighbor that's also a photographer. Shauna always does such a fantastic job. It doesn't hurt to have a subject as beautiful as my daughter.


  1. Anthony said...:

    How beautiful, how precious.

    Oh man, babies. You are making my virtual ovaries squish.

  1. well those are just adorable! Great job!

  1. Weronika said...:

    Absolutely stunning! :)

  1. Weronika: Thanks. She's even more stunning in person. And she's such a sweet baby.

  1. what darling pics -- she'll thank you for taking such pretty baby pictures, she really will :) (I'm thinking of all the times in her school years when she'll have to show up with a baby picture). Of course, it helps having such a beautiful subject to photograph

  1. Alex: I didn't even think of that. Good point.
    Thanks, I really like to show her off.

  1. MOMSWEB said...:

    Beautiful...simply beautiful! Enjoyed my visit to your blog!

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