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Saturday, September 13, 2014
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Title: Vampire Secrets (Blood and Snow Season Two) 
Author: RaShelle Workman 
Genre: Urban Fantasy (Reinvented Fairytale) 
Release Date: September 14, 2014 
Publisher: Polished Pen Press Corporation 
Cover by  Andrea Garcia 
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 ~ Synopsis ~
  Blood and Snow Season Two Book 2 ~ Vampire Secrets A dream is a wish your heart makes... It's been a month since Jasmine agreed to the wish that would keep Laeddin safe. By all accounts she should be happy. She's attending high school, hanging out with friends, and spending time with Laeddin. but she isn't. Ever since the sorceress ripped away a part of her, she hasn't felt like herself. To make matters worse, the man with red eyes, the one that haunted her dreams, is appearing in real life. And demonic creatures keep showing up in Salem. The question on both counts is why? Jasmine must figure out who the man is and what the creatures want. Thankfully, she isn't alone. Laeddin, Peter, Zoe, and some friends from the mansion next door will help. And then there's the sorceress. she's using what she took from Jasmine to inflict havoc on the human realm as well as other realms.

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About the Author

Rashelle Workman photo 6-7-14me2_zps37bfac11.jpg RaShelle Workman is the author of the popular Blood and Snow series. She loves to reinvent fairy tales teens and adults can sink their teeth into. Her stories include kissing, vampires, werewolves, witches, aliens, and more kissing. Her books: Sleeping Roses, Exiled, Beguiled, and Dovetailed have foreign rights contracts with a Turkish publisher. RaShelle is also one of the co-founders of Indie Recon LIVE, a self publishing conference that will debut October 10-11, 2014 in Sandy, Utah.    
Her books include:
Short stories:

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Where were you on Sept 11th, 2001?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

I woke up and turned on the radio, something I never usually do. Instead of music, it was a newscaster. So I switched the station. By the time I'd reached the 3rd station, I realized the newscaster was the same voice for every station. Something was wrong.

A plane had struck the Twin Towers in NYC. Dear God in heaven. No one knew at the point what was going on. Most people thought it was an accident. No one could imagine terrorists using a plane as a weapon. What kind of monster would even think of such a thing?

At the time, my husband and I were dirt poor college students. We couldn't afford TV, so we had a little antenna that didn't do much of anything. I turned the radio up and ran downstairs in our little apartment. I watched the first tower, smoke pouring from it on a screen that was more fuzz than picture.

I watched the second plane hit the tower. People were dying. I was watching people die. And someone had murdered them. I laid my hand on my stomach, as I was five months pregnant. What kind of life was I bringing this baby into? What kind of horrible world was he going to live in?

Columbine was only a few years before that. Around the same time, my grandmother and aunt were shot at the SLC Genealogy Library. I cried for my unborn son, for the world he would have to be a part of. And I couldn't see how it could get worse.

But it did get worse. Around the time of the Sandy Hook shooting, I decided to stop watching the news. It breaks my heart too much.

The evil in the world is getting worse. But I have found hope. For the good in the world is getting stronger too. Everywhere evil strikes, good people are there, handing out blankets and hugs. People are generally more tolerant of differences than they were during my childhood.

I hold onto that hope, for my childrens' sake.

I'm officially retiring as a basketball star

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
I played center on my high school basketball team, and I was an all star for the state of Utah my senior year. I've played since I was 11. That's 22 years of my life. 

And now I'm done. My sophmore year, I had a 3rd degree sprain of my right ankle. It was never the same, weak and prone to sprains. It got to the point that I had to wear a brace anytime I played or I hurt it. But I love hanging out with my basketball teams (one of them is pictured left, but we're missing Lulu!). We laughed more than we played, most times. And we supported each other through some really tough times. 

But this last season . . . things were different.  I'm tired of playing against girls from the local university, who outweigh me by 40 pounds and 5 inches of height and are 10 years younger and don't have kids and jobs to deal with. I'm tired of refs that somebody grabbed on their way out the door. I'm tired of dirty players and injuries. One of my teammates had a concussion. Another broke her neck (she still has a piece of bone floating around in there and is in a lot of pain). I don't have the aggression to play competitively anymore.

And then I went running on June 22nd. I stepped on a hose and my weak ankle gave again. Thinking it was just another bad sprain, I thought I just needed to give it time. But it wasn't getting better. 7 weeks went by, and the pain was constant, sometimes it would stop me in my tracks, but it was always there. 

Turns out I have a chunk of bone floating around on the inside of my ankle, and I tore out all the ligaments on the outside. I have to have surgery to remove the bone on the inside, and then reattach the ligaments on the outside. So they'll have to cut it open on both sides. 

And I remember my high school team--ever seen the movie "Mean Girls"? I remember my basketball coach--I swear I had PTSD after I graduated. And I just don't have anything more to give the sport. 

I'm done. And I don't even feel bad about it. 

Moving, updates, and burn out

Monday, August 11, 2014
We're supposed to move this weekend. Unfortunately, the people buying our house are using a USDA loan, and it looks like it probably won't be ready in time. So we'll most likely be moving next weekend.

Thank you again for everyone for your support with Connor as he's gone through his multiple surgeries. He's walking again, and the doctor says his bone looks great, if he can just keep from breaking anything again.

My posts will continue to be sporadic as we go through our move. Honestly, I'm just so tired right now. And I'm burned out. I'm having a hard time coming up with the desire to do much more than I have to. So many things have gone wrong, one right after another, that I find myself waiting for the next blow to come.

I need time, I suppose.

In the interim, I'm creating a audiobook for Witch Song. So far, I have two auditions. You can listen to them and choose your favorite.



A visual on mysogyny alive and well

Thursday, July 31, 2014
First, watch this video. It cuts (literally) women into their parts. On the same level as trucks and beer. Just another object. Don't believe this is the only album that does this to women. Here's conglomeration of others: And then watch this clever response:
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